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Taekwondo Brownsburg, IN

Certified Instructor
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Level  1 Instructor

2020 Taekwondo Calendar

1/11/19 Sparring/ Combat Training

1/11/19 Parents Night Out

1/17/20 Closed TEAM USA Training

1/20/20 Closed TEAM USA MLK Day

1/25/20 Quincy, IL B Tournament

2/8/20 Emerson, GA A Tournament

2/15/20 Parents Night Out

2/21/20 Closed Evansville, IN

2/22/20 Evansville, IN B Tournament

2/24/20 Tiger Testing 6 PM

2/24/20- White-Purple Testing 7PM

2/25/20- Blue-Black Testing 6 PM

2/26/20-2/28/20 Closed Spring Nationals

3/7/20 In School C Tournament

3/7/20 Parents Night Out

3/21/20 Southbend, IN A Tournament

4/1/20-4/3/20 Closed Spring Break

4/4/20 St. Louis, MO A Tournament

4/9/20 Picture Day

4/10/20 Picture Day

4/11/20 TESTING/ Brownsburg B Tournament

4/17/20 Closed Naperville, IL A Tournament

4/18/20 Naperville, IL A Tournament

4/24/20 Black Belt Testing Black Belt Testing- Candle Light Ceremony

4/25/20 Fort Wayne, IN B tournament

5/2/20 Parents Night Out

5/25/20 Closed Memorial Day

5/29/20-5/30/20 Closed DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS

6/4/20 Closed Mr. M. Smith Graduates High School

6/18/20 Tiger Testing 6pm

6/18/20 White-Purple Testing 7pm

6/19/20 Blue- Black Testing 6PM

Certified Instructor


8/1/20 Fort Wayne, IN B Tournament

8/19/20 Tiger Testing 6PM

8/19/20 White- Purple Testing 7PM

8/20/20 Blue- Black Testing 6PM

8/22/20 St. Louis B Tournament

8/29/20 Owensboro, KY B tournament

9/5/20 Southbend, IN B Tournament

9/7/20 Closed Labor Day

9/25/20 CLOSED Rosemont, IL A Tournament

9/26/20 Rosemont, IL A Tournament

10/15/20 Tiger Testing 6PM

10/15/20 White- Purple Testing 7PM

10/16/20 Blue – Black Testing 6PM Black Belt Testing- Candle Light Ceremony

10/19/20—10/23/20 Closed Fall Nationals

10/30/20 Halloween Extravaganza

10/31/20 Closed Halloween

11/7/20 Merrillville, IN B Tournament

11/26/20-11/27/20 Closed Thanksgiving

12/12/20 Holiday Party 5PM

12/17/20 Tigers Testing 6PM

12/17/20 White- Purple Testing 7PM

12/18/20 Blue- Black Testing 6PM

12/24/20-1/1/21 Closed for Holidays

** More tournaments may be added for June-Dec 2020 as the new tournament year begins May 2020.

For a full list of ATA tournaments visit:
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